Thai boxing is also known as Thai boxing or the art of eight limbs. This unique form of martial arts has developed over six centuries and today it has many different applications. It is used for self-defense, to improve fitness and also to prepare students for competitions. It can take a considerable amount of time to become used to the high intensity full body workout routine. At many of the two hundred Thai boxing training camps in Thailand there are recognized Thai boxing champions with many years of experience who are standing ready to coach enthusiastic students and to provide them with all the advice they may need to make speedy progress. Students are drilled in aspects such as offense, defense, and combinations and feints particularly those which has served the couch so well in hundreds of fights. A Muay Thai training course at Phuket city is a well-structured program which has been perfected over centuries.

Complicated Techniques

Muay Thai boxing program can be deceiving especially to people with little or no martial arts experience. Some people foolishly conclude that Muay Thai is just another form of kick boxing or MMA but nothing can be further from the truth. There are hundreds of techniques which is unique to Muay Thai. They will require many years of intensive training to master. Some of the best known benefits of Muay Thai boxing is fitness, weight loss and better health. Bring the entire family on a Muay Thai weekend or full length holiday and bring them to one of the beaches or islands surrounding Thailand. Phuket is a beautiful island in Thailand. Alternatively go to one of the metropolitan areas where there are many high quality training facilities with lots of accommodation. A Thailand vacation without quality Muay Thai training is like a beautiful bride without a wedding dress. Many Muay Thai training camps are going out of their way to accommodate foreign visitors and several of them have high quality holiday packages which is providing people with exceptional value.

Get Inspired

Muay Thai boxing program is known as a sport which has the ability to help people to climb up out of that pit of worthlessness and failure and in a relatively short time people can be inspired and motivated to take on new challenges and responsibilities. They will develop some important character traits which will help them to be better organized and focused. This is important for anyone who wants to succeed in the corporate environment and who want to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. Many European and US citizens will make use of every possible opportunity to break away for a Muay Thai holiday or even just a weekend. Muay Thai camp for strong body at Phuket Island is a good Muay Thai camp for holiday program. These kind of excursions are extremely effective in helping people to regain their focus and to return to a challenging career with a fresh perspective and with the inner strength which is needed to compete successfully in the corporate environment. Increasing numbers of people come to Thailand to immerse themselves in the ancient art of Muay Thai boxing and the experience frequently transform people.